Further volunteer dies following last week’s road traffic accident in Sweida, Syria

Damascus / Beirut / Geneva, 4 February 2017

FB_IMG_1486225047445The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and International Federation of the Red Cross (IFRC) mourns the loss of yet another Red Crescent volunteer in Syria,

, with news of the death of Hazem Taysir Dawarh, following a road traffic accident in Sweida, southern Syria, due to ice on the road. Hazem, who suffered serious injuries in the accident, had been recovering in hospital before tragically passing away in the earlier today. Two other volunteers, Mazen Waleed Akl and Tareq Hisham Radwan, also died in the same incident.

In the early hours of 29 January 2017, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent emergency medical services team were en route to provide first aid at a road accident that had occurred due to treacherous weather conditions.

Syrian Arab Red Crescent, the IFRC, and the entire Red Cross and Red Crescent family, extend their condolences to their families, friends and the fellow volunteers of Sweida branch at this sad time.

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