Training Course in psycho-social support with 29 attending volunteers

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch concluded on Saturday, 30.07.2016 a training course in the principles of psychosocial support. The course lasted for four days between 27-30 / 7/2016 with 29 volunteers attending. Topics of lectures were about : initial psychological ambulance, contact support, peer support, crisis and psychological support, stress and adaptation, grief and loss as well as psychological support based on local community. The lectures also included training activities.

Disaster Management Principles Training Course in Quneitra

As the Syrian Arab Red Crescent is keen on training and qualifying  largest number of volunteers in the humanitarian field, SARC-Quneitra Branch concluded on Wednesday 9/3/2016 a training course in disaster management principles. The course lasted for four days between  6/3 to 9/3/2016 and with attendance of 33 volunteers. It included lectures on the concept of disaster preparedness, food security, livelihood, psycho-social support and topics about the needs in emergency situations and the standards according to Sphere Project.

22 new volunteers attended First Aid Principles course in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent Quneitra branch started on Sunday 13/12/2015 a new first aid training course. The course lasted for five days with 22 participants. The lectures dealt with topics on the right behaviors, nervous system, Shock, Respiratory system, artificial respiration technique, fractures, skin infections, circulatory system, CPR, carrying and transferring. SARC’s Quneitra management met the new volunteers and assured the necessity  of commitment to the main principles of Red Cross and Red Crescent movement.

140 Volunteers prequalified to provide Psycho-social Support Services in Rural Damascus.

The psychosocial support Department of Rural Damascus’ SARC keeps the process of qualifying the volunteers in the fields of psychosocial support and psychological first aid. Five courses were done since the beginning of 2014. Recently, two courses were done in Alttal SARC’s sub-branch with the participation of 30 volunteers from the same sub-branch. It’s worthy to report that the trainers of Rural Damascus’ SARC branch are keeping the process of training and qualifying the volunteers from different sub-branches. 

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