9240 bread bag is distributed daily in Rural Damascus

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Rural Damascus branch and in cooperation with OCHA launched new bread project that support  Al Ghuzlaniyah town and surroundings (Qarahta, Tall Maskan, Landfill district in Dayr al Ḩajar) The number of beneficiaries reaches 9240 person daily. On the other hand, the bread project still active  in areas of (Al Kiswah, Sehnaya, Ashrafia and Dumair). This project is supported by ICRC at a rate of 3650 bags  daily.

Dr. Attar meets the Assistant Secretary- General Regional Humanitarian Coordinator

25/1/2015  The Syrian Arab Red Crescent President, Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar met the Assistant Secretary- General Regional Humanitarian Coordinator, Mr. Kevin M. Kennedy and with the attendance of Mr. Yacoub al-Helo, the Representative of the UN Development Program and Coordinator of UN Humanitarian Aid in Syria. The meeting, which took place at the SARC’s headquarters in Damascus, involved discussions about the active working international organizations that cooperate with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent in providing humanitarian aid. They talked over the best ways to increase these humanitarian aid that covered only 4% of the needs. On the other hand, the… Read More »

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