30574 families benefited from the fourth distribution cycle in 2017

crutches to support his tired body and parcels of humanitarian assistance can meet part of his needs, and so life goes on for Abu Feisel, who came from Alhassaka governorate and benefited from  SARC- 4th distribution cycle 2017. This cycle included distribution of 16723 food parcels and 13851 non-food materials. 30574 displaced and affected families benefited from the materials in Swaida and its countryside.The relief team at SARC-Swaida Branch continues its mission to provide displaced and affected families with humanitarian assistance supported by ICRC, WFP, UNHCR, and DRK.  

‪‎SARC‬’s ‪Al Tal‬ sub branch distributed relief materials for arrivals

SARC‬’s ‪‎relief team‬ in ‪Al Tal‬ sub branch finished March’s distributing cycle. They distributed: (7123 food parcels, 1142 hygiene kits & 974 peanut butter) to 7123 families in Al Tall city, Halbon, Talfita, Maarba, Al Draij & Ein Mneen. They also distributed: (12539 blankets, 2226 mats, 781 kitchen sets, 2993 mattresses, 730 clothes set) and other materials like children milk, children and adult diapers for 939 families. It is noteworthy that those materials are presented by the International Committee of Red Cross (‪‎ICRC‬), World food program (‪WFP‬), United Nations High Commissioners for Refugees (‪‎UNHCR‬), United Nations Children’s Emergency Fund (‪UNICEF‬)… Read More »

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