9240 bread bag is distributed daily in Rural Damascus

Syrian Arab Red Crescent’s Rural Damascus branch and in cooperation with OCHA launched new bread project that support  Al Ghuzlaniyah town and surroundings (Qarahta, Tall Maskan, Landfill district in Dayr al Ḩajar) The number of beneficiaries reaches 9240 person daily. On the other hand, the bread project still active  in areas of (Al Kiswah, Sehnaya, Ashrafia and Dumair). This project is supported by ICRC at a rate of 3650 bags  daily.

SARC Delivers Bread to Yalda, Babbila and Beit Sahm on Daily Basis

In the framework of the Bread Project, the Disaster Response Unit in SARC- Damascus branch keeps on delivering fresh bread to the affected people in Yalda, Babbil and Beit Sahm areas. On April 12th 2015, the volunteers started on delivering 12000 bread bags- enough for 62700 person- on daily basis to the mentioned areas. This response comes  in cooperation with SARC -HQ and the International Committee of the Red Cross in Damascus and United Nations OCHA . The bread quantities are delivered to the  local committees that represents all concerned parties in order to be distributed.    

Delivering a generator to the bakery in Quneitra

The main bakery in Quneitra governorate had a malfunction due to the frequent power collapse . Therefore, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent delivered a generator with 150 K.V.R to the mentioned bakery  that put it to work with  production capacity  of 8 tones per day. The generator is provided by International Committee of Red Cross.

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