“Since crisis excludes no one….It might affect me as well”

“The name of my mother (Jamilah, which means beautiful) has its meaning over the years when I was close to her before the crisis in  Syria, but today things changed and my mother is far from me which gave my life different face and taste,” Said Imad.
Imad, the darling of his mother, grew up to his 30s and has dedicated himself to help affected and displaced families with the motivation of love he fed by his mother. “Since crisis excludes no one, it might affect me as well. I always think about affected families and tries to walk in their shoes in order to feel their needs – good food, a safe place and some clothes- and meet it.
Many changes have occurred to his life since 2014, the same year he volunteered at SARC- Rural_Damascus branch. This experience of volunteerism polished his character into a strong and good decision maker person especially during the response to the EasternGhouta people, whom he made a strong relationship. Today, he is very happy seeing them back to their homes and he wishes peace and stability for all Syrians.

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