Simple student grant supports Lama to achieve a great success

Throughout her college years in Arabic literature faculty, Lama benefited from the student grant program provided by SARC in Swaida. ”the student grant, despite it was simple, it helped me a lot and lessened my university spending burden especially when it comes to transportation fares.”
For Lama, this grant was a favor that should be paid back. Thus, not surprisingly, she has volunteered in SARC, with sheer determination and strong desire after her graduation.
Today, at the relief department in Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Swaida Branch, Lama sits to her computer, busy while completing different tasks.
She returned to SARC as a volunteer to offer help to many beneficiaries from SARC’s various services, especially that she is aware of how important it is to help others in all different stages of their life.

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