SARC revitalizes “Damask Rose” in Al Marrah

Al Marrah village is considered the basic breeding ground for Damask Rose that carried the name of the Syrian capital along with the scent of its legacy and remained faithful to the very hands that work in cultivating the roses until they got wearied by the crisis after being an income source to the residents of Damask Rose village.
For the sake of revival of this inheritance, and enabling its possessors to regain it, the vocational training center in the SARC– humanitarian support project, with a support from UNHCR, launched a month and a half training workshop, attended by twenty trainees. The workshop included teaching the right correct methods for planting the Rose, means of pest controlling, beside the mechanism of making Blossom water and Rose Jam in non-conventional ways.
The workshop included tips and guidelines related to marketing for profession development, and best results fulfillment.


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