SARC helps Celine have a lively childhood…

Celine a 2-year-old girl had been suffering from a brain tumor since she was 5 months old. Resection was conducted to remove part of the tumor in her brain. The Surgery had side effects and it left Celine diagnosed with Paraperisis, therefore her mother reached out to Al-Bassel hospital in Tartous where they recommended for Celine a standing Table.

Consequently, Celine’s mother seeked for assistance from the MIKA team of SARC-HSP who responded immediately and delivered the standing table. Celine was referred to the Child Protection program to follow up her treatment and physiotherapy sessions at Al- Bassel Hospital.

The treatment and assistance helped Celine, they enabled her to stand without aid and to sit holding her toys. Furthermore, her ability to communicate has improved due to the speech therapy sessions.

Celine and her mother are delighted with the dramatic improvement she is continuously showing.

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