Responding to Leishmaniasis cases in AlQaryatayn

As families returned to AlQaryatayn and due to the increasing number of people who have Leishmaniasis, Health Promotion team of SARC-Homs responded to returning families in AlQaryatayn for two consecutive days.
The team held educational sessions about Leishmaniasis (its causes, protection, and treatment), how to avoid things which transfer it, and how to use mosquito nets properly for people there (male and female), aiming to stop the spread of diseases that are related to water and sanitation hygiene and to personal hygiene.
At the end, the team distributed IFRC “mosquito nets, Chlorine tablets, and soap” to 600 people.
The health promotion team also responded to same notifications about cases of Leishmaniasis from AlQaryatayn in 2015. It also held educational sessions to raise people’s awareness in the local society and then it followed them up to check the benefit people get from these sessions.


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