Psychosocial Support Course on Principles for SARC – Aleppo Teams

Photo: SARC Photo: SARC

Photo: SARC

Training and qualification is a constant priority and a goal for ‪‎Aleppo‬ branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent‬.
In this context, SARC‬ – Aleppo’s PSS Committee has concluded a course on principles of community based first aid for 22 volunteers working at SARC counseling centers and various SARC teams.
The course went on 5 days, from 22st to 26th May , 2016. It dealt with several subjects such as crises, psychosocial support, stress, adaptation, sadness, loss, community based psychosocial support, first aid, supporting communication, children and supporting volunteers and employees.
The course also involved workshops and practical trainings. Such courses aim to train volunteers on giving psychosocial support to the affected, which is one of the most important objectives that should be given priority during and after crises. It falls within psychosocial support committee’s duties to reach as many volunteers as possible.


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