Om Ammar’s dolls spread energy

ريف دمشقA mother from Rural Damascus grants the dolls to deliver joy to people’s hearts. These dolls made of wool, require Om Ammar to choose and arrange colors, then weave then manually, granting each doll a unique character while maintaining their beautiful smiles. And leaves the buyer with the opportunity to choose the dolls’ names to be closer to them and more relevant to their memories.
Om Ammar gained the skill of making toys and other pieces of wool by participating in “Principles of wool knitting” organized by the SARC Social Center in Sehnaya which helped her to start her own project.
Financial independence and moral impact, Om Ammar as a mother, achieved through her new project, made her keen to involve her daughters in making the joy and encouraging them to join her, assuring them that production gives the person unlimited power. She is now the joy maker for her family and others.

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