Hygiene Awareness Campaign in Jaramana

It is well known that  Epidemics and contagious diseases increased in Summer Season, so Jaraman sub-branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent rushed to launch a hygiene awareness campaign in sheltering centers. This step came to prevent or at least to limit the spread of  contagious diseases among the Refugees crowds. The three day campaign, which supervised by a joint team of hygienic promotion team and the psycho-social support team, started on May 15th 2015.

It involved several sessions of hygienic awareness that target  the  parents among refugees, who total 85 person.

It also contained activities that addressed the  children like: Drawing, Singing, draw on fabrics, marionette/Puppet, and investigating about every child’s future wish “heart wishes”, etc…

This Hygienic Awareness Campaign was concluded by distributing 300 Shampoo Bottles and other hygienic items.

It is worth to mention that thanks also goes to Jaramana Municipality Board for supporting the campaign as they provide equipment and needed facilities to remove the waste and garbage accumulated around the sheltering center.

Finally, we have to mention that the Campaign was carried out in collaboration the UNICEF.

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