“Gathering and sewing”, a gallery of hand-made works

 The reproductive health project of SARC-Homs has extended its activities and carried out psycho-social support sessions. The sessions have been dedicated to the women who are unable to cop with their tough current situation.
After providing the required materials to the mentioned women, it was a beautiful surprise that each of them sewed the most beautiful pieces of clothes.

SARC-Homs team collected those pieces, especially which made by ladies who got back to their homes in the old city of Homs, and displayed them  in a gallery of hand-made works. They called the gallery  “Gathering and sewing”, that was held in Al Zihrawi archaeological palace in the old city on 19th May.
The hand-make works were distributed in the yard of the palace. Their beautiful appearance integrated with the beautiful appearance of the black stones to express the past and the present ages at the same time.

It is worth mentioning that 15534 beneficiaries benefited from the reproductive project of SARC-Homs health awareness team supported by UNFPA.

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