First Step

Despite being handicapped for a decade and a half, Muhamed (36 years old) has deeply believed that it couldn’t affect his identity nor his potential abilities.

When his leg was surgically amputated due to a complicated disease, he lost his dreams and ambitions as he became totally dependent on his parents who had to support him along with his family.

With eyes full of tears and a heartbreak he remembered once he was unable to afford his four children needs or hold his day to day responsibilities as a father, the matter which provoked him to adopt his friend’s advice and to attend the Prosthetics and Handicapped Rehabilitation Center of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in Damascus.

The trip from Ras-Ein in Al-Hasakeh, where Muhamed lives, to Damascus was tiring and cost him a lot of money as he sold the two sheep, which were the only source of his family’s livelihood. However, the hope delivered him to the mentioned center.

As soon as he arrived, the doctor checked him up and moved on to get the accurate sizes for fitting lower limb.

Out of pain and hope he was able to stand on his feet again on the third visit to the center where he had the limb attached and was submitted to some physical therapy sessions.

Though the trip and the treatment process didn’t take a long time, it was full of tears and exhausting waiting. Muhamed is very happy that he could take the first step towards a new future life.

SARC is proud to be a part of this trip.

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