Disaster Management Advanced Training Course for SARC Volunteers

Within a new forward move in training and rehabilitating field, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organized an advanced training course titling “Disaster Management” on 14- 17/12/2014, in Damascus.

The course which, brought together 37 volunteers from all the SARC’s branches in the Syrian governorates, is the first of its kind within the crisis since it addressed various subjects as evaluation, registration, distribution, operation room management, logistics, securing water in cases of emergency, communication skills, leadership skills, coordination, human resources management and information and reports management.

President of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent, Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar attended the training course out of his keen to meet the volunteers and to express his love and appreciation to their work. “You risk your lives and souls and pay your time to preserve others. I highly appreciate you and your work at SARC branches because you are the pillars of our homeland. I have to thank the trainers, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the International Red Cross Committee and all associations that cooperated and supported us in matching whatever we achieve today”, Dr. Al-Attar said.

Mr.Ammar Jaaour, Disaster management trainer in Damascus branch, shed light to the importance of the training saying that the advanced disaster management methodology enables the managements and the decision makers to carry out their tasks and duties. He also noted that all the attendant volunteers will be qualified to be in charge of a leadership positions. He concluded that most volunteers who joined SARC in the crisis got practical trainings in field.

Ms. Fatima Mouhanna, training assistant in Damascus branch noted that the trainers tried to cover big deal of information including the stores’ processing movement and the operations that enable all volunteers to act on ground when in need.

Mr. Joum’ah Dreai, a volunteer and in charge of distribution process in Deir Ezzor branch said that the difficult current circumstances prevented previously some volunteers from attending the training courses. “The Syrian Arab Red Crescent periodically organizes advanced training courses at the headquarter in Damascus, but we couldn’t participate due to the blocked routs between Damascus and Deir Ezzor” Joum’ah said: “The workload has increased heavily since the crisis blew out in Deir Ezzor with the huge move of displacement. The problem is that we have new staff members who need training, but unfortunately we can’t organize training courses like this one due to the current tough circumstances in Deir Ezzor.” He added.

Regarding the dire need to such trainings Mr. Saeed Ammar, administrative officer in the water department, explained: “The responsibilities are increasing on our shoulders. In 2012 our tasks were just to deliver chlorine substance, but today we have to carry out strategic urgent maintenances and only water teams can reach every spot in Syria”. “The training covered many basics like installing water tanks, which considers a first aid solution in cases of emergency”  



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