SARC Stories

Families find relief in Damascus, but conflict has long-lasting effects

A SARC volunteer with Rania al-Boush and her two young daughters and son at the SARC psychosocial support centre. By Viviane Tou’meh, Syrian Arab Red Crescent Rania al-Boush is 40 years old and is mother to three girls and two boys. In early 2013 she was forced to leave her home in al-Mleha, Rural Damascus and now lives in the Duwaila neighbourhood of Damascus. “The crisis has affected everyone in my family,” she says. The lack of space has caused problems for the whole family, but the two young boys have found it especially hard to cope with the changes.… Read More »

Vaccinating all children across Syria remains a challenge

By Viviene Tou’meh, Syrian Arab Red Crescent There were humanitarian issues in al-Hasakah governorate even before the conflict broke out in Syria. After three years of fighting, the situation is dire. Drought, severe winter conditions and low temperatures only make matters worse One resident said that resources were hard to come by. “Last year, we cut the trees in order to warm ourselves and all the roads from al-Raqqah. Deir Ezzor and Aleppo were cut off causing a rise in food prices and a lack of fuel.” Despite these obstacles, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) has been able launch… Read More »

Wassim Al Atassi: An Everyday First Aid Hero in Syria

Wassim joined the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in 2004 when he was in the tenth grade. Being a volunteer hasn’t prevented him from pursing his studies; he graduated from Finance and Banking school. Wassim participated in the response to the Lebanese war, the flood in Deir Azour, and the disaster management camp in Al- Seweida. He has also worked in the psycho-social support team, registering and distribution to Iraqi refugees. Wassim took part in first aid courses, and in safer access courses. In 2008 he became a first aid trainer, and in 2010 followed a trainer of trainees (TOT)… Read More »

Ibrahim Shukhais with the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Lattakia branch

My name is Ibrahim Shukhais, I am 21 and a computer graduate from Lattakia Technical Institute. I am also a member of the ambulance team in Lattakia for the Syrian Arab Red Crescent. To be, being a volunteer means that you should do your job to your best ability without waiting for anything in return. My grandmother suffers from ill heath, she always needs for a constant care. One day , while we were eating dinner she choked on some food but I did not know what to do. That’s why I decided to do a first aid course. I… Read More »

Obaida Al Kassem a volunteer with Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Daraa branch

My name is Obaida Al Kassem, I volunteer with Daraa branch of Syrian Arab Red Crescent with the emergency team. I entered this field because I am in love with this kind of work ,and I know the value of this service which can save lives. In one of our missions was to move an injured person who had kidney failure. While we were in our way to Damascus his heart suddenly stopped  so I had to do a CPR for him on my own, because I was alone in the patient area inside the ambulance. Before I finished the… Read More »

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