May 2019

Love heals wounds inflicted by life and all that broken by hard times

Since he was a child, love of work has created an incentive to Abo-Loai to repair broken appliances at home and gain, through time, useful experience for a sustainable livelihood. Years ago, he has lost his right leg due to an accident left him with a prosthesis. However, the artificial limb was broken under the heavy burdens carried out by the 50-years-man. He tried many times to repair it in order to work and make living for his four children. When he knew about the prosthetics program implemented Syrian Arab Red Crescent (Lattakia branch), he had his application registered and… Read More »

Press release: Field hospital opens for displaced people in Al-Hol camp

Damascus, May 29th 2019 Syria: Field hospital opens for displaced people in Al-Hol camp   Damascus – A new field hospital to assist patients wounded in war or suffering from illness will open this week in Al-Hol camp to address the massive humanitarian needs after an influx of people in recent months.   The hospital is opening with support from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC), the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) and the Norwegian Red Cross.   The more than 63,000 people who have arrived in Al-Hol since December had been without access to health care in… Read More »

Love power helped her to overcome severe illness

Um Khaled (96 y), who left her home in Deir Ezzour and came to live in Jaramana (Rural Damascus) two years ago, smiled once she mentioned the Syrian Arab Red Crescent support, particularly the medical services provided to her at the physiotherapy center by volunteers and specialists. Her sober facial contours reflect strong determination to go forward in life and recover from the stroke, which left her on a wheelchair with a motionless hand and leg. “I was unable to move or even wave my hand to greet my loved people. Nevertheless, through the three-month medical process, I have got… Read More »

“Hope and love can build human and non-human as well,” quoted the 70-years grandfather

The eight-years-crisis has robbed old Mohamed of his home and a bakery inherited from his father dozens of years ago. It left him with a new reality, where no livelihood to support his family and grandchildren. Mohamed moved from his city, Aleppo, to Tartous carrying only his professional experience in pastry which accompanied with tools supplies provided by SARC was enough to open a new productive bakery and regain his income. When Looking at his grandchild, Massa (1 y), he smiled and said “She is the promise for a beautiful future. I hope everything will be better and we can… Read More »

Um Maisoun had her voice recovered thanks to SARC

Um Maisoun (79 Y) lost her voice for a while last year due to a benign tumor in the throat. Moreover, she lost her husband, who died of a heart attack when their house burnt during the crisis. Despite all that, she has never lost her belief in God, and never given up. She fought the disease strongly, but she was not alone as the Syrian Arab Red Crescent helped her with devoted volunteers and doctors, who believes that greatest difficulties are defeated by love power. They accompanied her through her successful medical journey, in which she had medical procedures… Read More »

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