November 14, 2018

Workshop on projects management in humanitarian organizations

Syrian Arab Red Crescent held a workshop regarding projects management in humanitarian organizations on 4-8/11/2018. It was organized to enhance the management skills of the water and construction staff. The workshop, participated by 15 employees and volunteers, included advanced training on active management technics, as well as the implementation of these technics in the engineering projects carried out by the water and construction department. It is worth mentioning that this workshop was supported by ICRC and carried out in cooperation with Venture International Training Company.

Another group of TOT joined SARC’s first aid team

The Medical Services Department-First Aid in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent organized a central training course to rehabilitate first aid trainers on 1-12/11/2018 in Banias camp. The course was supervised by 11 trainers and attended by 37 paramedics from all SARC’s branches in Syria. It included educational sessions about the first aid training methods, planning and evaluating training courses and communication tools (verbal and non-verbal). In addition, the participants involved in a practical training that discussed the different first aid cases and the proper way to deal with it. This kind of courses is expected to enhance the skills of… Read More »

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