November 12, 2018

Contemporary eCBHFA in a workshop

As the Syrian Arab Red Crescent works on integrating the community-based health and first aid program among its various departments in order to promote the new community health culture, it launched a training workshop about the (eCBHFA ) on 4-8/11/2018. The workshop, supported by IFRC and Finish Red Cross, was carried out by 3 trainers and participated by 24 people, who acquired necessary information and skills for the implementation of “the behavior change at the community level” module, and developed effective health promotion key messages that would activate the program among the work plans.

Sphere Project’s TOT had their information refreshed in a workshop

In the line of keeping Sphere’s TOT updated on the new information and skills, SARC held a workshop that covered the most important topics added in the latest edition of Sphere Project Handbook 2018 on 4-8/11/2018. During the workshop, supported by the British Red Cross, the participants (14 trainers) have exchanged experiences and modified the training materials used in the Sphere project in order to adapt the response all over Syria. It is worth mentioning that Sphere project is developed to define a set of universal minimum standards in core areas of humanitarian response that explained in four technical chapters… Read More »

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