August 7, 2018

Humanitarian aid reached more towns in Qunaitera

SARC humanitarian aid convoy headed to As-Swaisa and Saida towns in Qunaitera city on Tuesday, Aug 7, 2018. The convoy consisted of 20 trucks loaded with 2450 food parcels and 2450 flour bags to As-Swaisa, and 757 of the same relief items to Saida provided by WFP.      

SARC continues its response in Daraa for the third month now and deliver aid convoy to Nawa

SARC has continued its humanitarian response in Daraa city for the third month now. Today, Aug 7, 2018, SARC volunteers delivered a humanitarian aid convoy (24 trucks) to Nawa town. The convoy carried 5000 food parcels and 5000 flour bags provided by WFP. It is worth mentioning that this convoy is the second one reaching Nawa during Daraa response where SARC had delivered relief aid (40 trucks) on July 23 .

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