July 25, 2018

50 first aid volunteers exchange experiences in SARC-Banias camp

First aid training at the Syrian Arab Red Crescent are not limited to the initial training course they got at the beginning of their volunteerism. It extends to engage them in refresher training courses where they exchange their experiences and learned lessons in order to continue providing saving life services properly In this context, 50 first aid volunteers from all SARC branches attended a training course, supervised by 15 trainers, in Banias camp on 17-22/7/2018. The course included practical training, first aid maneuvers and educational sessions on methods of the correct conduct.

SARC concluded an awareness campaign about Crisis remnants in Douma city

In an awareness campaign about Crisis remnants, SARC-PSS teams presented virtual stories and situations clarifying the risks of the explosive remnants but the children reacted with realistic stories they had witnessed during the years of the crisis. 14.171 children from 9 schools in Douma engaged in a campaign titled “Together for a safer life” that aimed to raise their awareness about the explosive remnants of crisis, kinds and shapes of the harmful suspicious items and the right thing to do when spotting such items. At the end of the campaign, awareness magazines, color books and crayons provided by UNICEF were… Read More »

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