June 2018

Humanitarian aid convoy reached Ar-Rasstan in Homs

SARC in cooperation with UN Offices dispatched a humanitarian aid convoy to Ar-Rasstan area in Homs on 26/6/2018. The convoy consisted of 38 trucks loaded with 21.500 food parcels, 21.500 flour bags, 4500 family hygiene kits, medical supplies, water sterilisation items, solar lamps, mattresses, educational and entertaining sets. It is worth mentioning that these items are provided by WFP, UNFPA, WHO, UNHCR and UNICEF.

Open day to raise awareness on handwashing

SARC – Aleppo health awareness promotion team in collaboration with Oxfam organized an open day for 600 children in Tal Qirah and Al-Shahbaa Camps in Tal Refaat. “Hand Washing” was the theme of the awareness sessions that concluded with distributing water bottles and hand sanitizers to help children maintain their personal hygiene.

Eid Activity for Orphans

“We were so happy to hold an activity for children and draw smiles on their innocent faces”, this was the unanimous view of the adolescents who participated in an initiative together with volunteers of SARC – Aleppo protection and psychosocial support team. The initiative, which was a part of the “Life Skills” program, was held for 40 orphan children at the Islamic Charity Association on the second day of Eid Al-Fitr. It included a leisure activity and cartoon characters who distributed gifts to them. Fourteen adolescents have followed the “Life Skill” program for two months. They learned some mechanisms of the art of thinking and solving problems, and… Read More »

Saaer enjoys the result of his work and achieves self-sustainment

For Saaer, the grant of winter seeds which he got from the Syrian Red Crescent’s livelihood project wasn’t just a source of income but with good management and good care of the plants, 35-year-old Saaer managed to create a balance between letting that grant from the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies become an income source for his family that lives in Hay Al Manazel Village in rural Idlib and achieving self-sustainment. Saaer and his wife are no longer buying vegetables from the market since they use some of their planted crops (lettuce, spinach, chard, bean, chickpea,… Read More »

Eid Maamool in Al Tall

14-year-old Shahed and her friends gathered at Al Tall in Rural Damascus community center with volunteers from The Red Crescent to finish the (Resilience and Psycho-Social Support) workshop by making Eid Maamool “Arabic sweets for Eid” to present it for a number of people with disabilities to bring joy into their hearts, Shahed sincerely said: “We must share joy”

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