March 21, 2018

A mother from Qunaitera represents the rooted relation between the mother and the land

Those who is acquainted with Om Mouhammad, knew very well how much she is related to the land. She described the agony of losing her husband and two sons saying: “roses of the garden wilted mourning their absence”. Even that some people went even further in confirming the solid strong relation between Om Mouhammad and the land by saying that she resembles the always generous olive tree, that even when the wind would bend its branches, it will remain deeply rooted and standing proudly. SARC’s project for home gardens in Qunaitera provided seeds and tools for beneficiaries. It was an… Read More »

SARC helps mothers in taking care of their children

Seven years ago, the life of Om Mouhammad and her family changed because of the crisis. She had to leave her home in Hasaka, carrying the burden of providing the needs of her children and caring for them. A mission, in which SARC in Swaida helped her to achieve by providing healthcare for them via the mobile clinic visiting their current place of residence regularly.

The image of honorable living and strong supporter – Om Ali

The cruelty of time couldn’t hide the smile you get from her when you come to taste her backed pies, which provide an honorable life for three children and a sick husband. Om Ali holds the heavy responsibility of providing all the needs of her family depending on what she makes of Tanour bread and different pastries, which she started to make and sell at the roadside to manage to rent a simple place and turn it to a bakery visited by her clients, years later. While her sons rely on their mother’s toughness and strength, she in turn relies… Read More »

Izdehar grants tomorrow a share of her name

Nine months were enough to reignite the passion of fashion design in Izdehar, after she got a sewing machine from SARC Branch in Aleppo. It was a moment of her take off and start production, as the crises left her alone without a provider, and she has to raise her kids by her own, Izdehar is optimistic who talks about tomorrow in confidence saying: “my sewing project will grow and succeed and I will teach other women to participate in my production, the past and its pains are over, but the future is still to come.

Mothers shall never lose

Behind this machine, time stops being slow and accelerates as Mrs. Hamida starts sewing whatever she deems appropriate from clothes to pillows and coverings to meet her clients tastes and to gain an income to provide for her family. Hamida says: “Raising 5 kids is not easy especially that I lost my husband and my house. I had to start from scratch and be strong for my kids. Life shall continue regardless of all these loses”. In fact, the life of this Syrian mother in a better way after she intended to work on a sewing machine provided by SARC… Read More »

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