March 18, 2018

SARC responds to emergency needs of the people leaving Eastern Ghouta and Afrin at the same time

As numbers of people moving out of Eastern Ghouta and Afrin increased, SARC workload has been multiplied in order to meet basic needs of more than 30.000 people (who left Eastern Ghouta for sheltering centers in Ad-Dwair, Adra, Hirjeleh, AlNashabih and Najha) and 100.000 people (who left Afrin and the rural around for areas of Nubol, Al-Zahra’a, Tall Rifa’at and Kafernaya). 650  volunteers and staff from #SARC-HQ and branches of  Damascus, Rural_Damascus,  Swaida,  Qunaitera, Dara’a along with 150 volunteers and employees from SARC-   Aleppo branch work day and night with high readiness in order to meet the needs of the increasing influx of people.    

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