February 27, 2018

New wheat season for thousand families

SARC Livelihood team distributed wheat seeds and fertilizer to more than two thousand families in: Al Zabadani, Al Nabek, Sednaya, Harmoon, Al Ghezlania, Sehnaya, Al Qutaifa, Qara, Qatana, Al Tall, Yabroud, Harran, east Ghouta and Al kiswa after assessing the needs in cooperation with Ministry of Agriculture. This project aims to secure basic food and bread for the families, where these items are provided by ICRC and IFRC.

Medical services for Adra families

A new mission was carried out by SARC volunteers in Adra factory, where more than 155 arrival families live.  As the mobile medical team organized awareness sessions in the first week of February 2018 about reproductive health, family planning, postpartum depression and psychological support, as well as check 52 patients up, while the mobile clinic examined 100 cases varied between respiratory, eye infections and influenza and provided free medicines. On the other hand, the volunteers distributed (310 mattresses and 456 blankets) provided by UNHCR and 155 hygiene kits provided by Norwegian Red Cross  

Humanity Finds Its Way to Um Foaad’s Place

Along the way to the makeshift camp, Um Foaad has a lot to tell about her displacement from Dara’a governorate to Swaida five years ago. As soon as we arrived in her tent, she started distributing the winter clothes, provided by SARC, to her grandchildren without forgetting to dedicate some for orphans. She believes that providing assistance is a humanitarian duty and kind of sharing-joy during hard times. Um Foa’ad and many other families currently live in a camp in Salkhad town, where the SARC volunteers visit them and provide relief materials supported by ICRC and UNHCR.

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