January 2018

SARC carried out two courses on principles of first aid

Seeking to create a first-aid post in Shahba City and as a part of its training and rehabilitation plan, the first aid department at SARC-Swaida carried out two courses on the principles of first aid on 15th of last month, with 64 participants from SARC – Swaida branch and sub-branches. The course included various topics, such as proper action steps, handling bleeding, fractures, burns, CPR and AB.

Eng. Khaled Hboubati meets His Holiness Pope Francis in the Vatican

His Holiness Pope Francis welcomed and met Eng. Khaled Hboubati, Syrian Arab Red Crescent President, in the Vatican on Saturday, January 27, 2018. During the meeting, Mr. Hboubati stressed the importance of the Christians in Syria and the need of their existence in the country, as they are an essential part of the Syrian society. “The richness of our society comes from the diversity of sects,” he said. Pope Francis said that he always prays for Syria and for peace to prevail there. He also saluted all Red Cross and Red Crescent members for their huge exerted efforts in the… Read More »

Relief items for thousand people in Sehnaya

Similar to all Damascus Countryside, the situation in Sehnaya -Rural Damascus- is bad as displaced and affected families live under hard conditions. However, SARC volunteers seek always to help those families with critical support, as they distributed food parcels for more than 40 thousand people during 2017, provided by ICRC and WFP.

Installing water tank in Al Kiswah

A month and a half are not that much long for those who enjoy normal conditions of life, but for people in Rasem AL Zebeeb area (220 families) who suffered lack of water, it seems ages. However,  today they will have access to clean water in their homes as SARC installed an Oxfam water tank in the area last week. “Hard work turns into joy” said a volunteer from water and sanitation team at the end of  the installing process.

Distributing hygiene kits in Qatana

During the first week of January 2018, SARC- Qatana Sub Branch organized a health awareness session in order to reduce the influence of the disease, where the volunteers talked about hygiene personal care and diseases prevention procedures. They also distributed 125 hygiene kits to the participant families.

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