September 2017

SARC-Homs Health Promotion team campaign against Lesmaniasis

Abdul Karim recovered from Leishmaniasis  (Aleppo boil)  but unfortunately, it left a scar on his face. This is not due to the ignorance of his parentsو who did their best to treat him, but due to lack of knowledge about this disease. “ In the beginning, I thought that high temperature was the cause of the spots on his face or a severe allergy as it becomes bigger within few weeks. We went to a doctor who told us that it is Leishmaniasis”, Abdul Karım’s mother says. Aleppo boil also caught another child (Murad- 4 years)  in the same village. Abdul Karim and… Read More »

The 8th humanitarian aid convoy reached Deir Ezzour city

Deir Ezzour city received the 8th humanitarian relief aid convoy delivered by Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) Today: September 27, 2017. The convoy (36 trucks) was loaded with canned food parcels, nutrients, winter clothes for children, kitchen kits, blankets, mattresses, plastic sheets, baby diapers, hygiene kits for men and women and solar flashlights provided by the International Committee of the Red Cross and the UN. SARC continues its work to alleviate sufferings of the people in Deir Ezzour city.

“Administrative and Financial Coordination between SARC & ICRC” Workshop

Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in cooperation with the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) held a workshop under the title “Administrative and Financial Rules and Procedures” on Sep 18th, 2017. The workshop was opened with the attendance of the finance manager of SARC, and with participation of the accountants from SARC (branches and HQ) and ICRC. The workshop involved many subjects related to raise the administration and financial coordination level between SARC and ICRC.

1st Training Course for telecommunication coordinators

With participation of 6 trainers from Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) and the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), SARC launched the first training course in “Telecommunication Systems” on 10-14/9/2017. The course brought together 8 telecommunication coordinators from all SARC branches in order to develop their skills at work. It is worth to mention that SARC-Telecommunication Project provides services that cover all SARC’s departments (disaster management, health, water 7 sanitation, psychosocial support,…etc), and secures a communication process among all field teams on ground during humanitarian missions, especially humanitarian aid convoys.

Small hands draw ways to big dreams

This pencil case made by their small hands is to fit their pencils, but not their big dreams. Children were highly interactive and full of enthusiasm as they were making and coloring pencil cases during an activity launched by psychosocial support team of SARC-Damascus branch at the beginning of the new school year. During the one week long activity, which was aimed to encourage children to attend the school, Syrian Arab Red Crescent volunteers visited many sheltering centers and multiple clinics center, and gifted 330 children with stationary items.

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