May 2017

SARC launches a workshop for Mobile clinics Teams

In order to achieve an optimal primary health care, the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) held a workshop that brought together all supervising doctors, administrators and coordinators of its mobile clinics teams on 6-7/5/2017. The workshop involved discussions about the new work’s mechanisms and signified the mobile clinics’ work that, based on census, targets areas of poor medical services and most vulnerable people. The workshop assured that the ideal primary health care is achieved by constant follow-up to the patient health condition. It is worth to mention that SARC has 20 mobile clinics that targets the most vulnerable patients and… Read More »

Mr. Peter Maurer visit to the Jointly Implemented Project by SARC & ICRC

In a statement on his fifth trip to Syria, Mr. Peter Maurer, president of the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC), wrote: “I was impressed by the dedication of thousands of the volunteers of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) who work with us to help people in need. Together with the SARC, we are ready to boost our neutral humanitarian operations, we are ready to increase the delivery of vital aid.” During the trip Mr. Maurer visited many projects that implemented by SARC in cooperation with ICRC in Al-Tall, Al-Dumyer, Ein Elfiejeh and Al-Zabadani in Rural Damascus. Mr.… Read More »

Vocational Training Officer

Job Description – Vocational Training Officer   Project Title: SARC Livelihoods Programming   Objective: Timely and effective implementation of vocational training activities with training suppliers:   Establish and maintain transparent, functional relationships with target communities Ensure daily vocational training activities follow proper implementation Liaise on a daily basis with the training suppliers if need Assist the Centre Coordinator in liaising with other Organizations on the ground and in meetings when related to vocational training   Reporting to: The Vocational Training Officer reports to the Livelihoods Coordinator The Vocational Training Officer will be tasked by the Livelihoods Coordinator and by the… Read More »

Relief workshop in Sednaya

SARC Rural Damascus Branch organized a Relief workshop to 20 volunteers in Sednaya on 13/5/2017. The workshop focused on the cooperation methods between SARC-Sednaya Sub Branch and local community; in addition to discuss the best ways of assessing and monitoring the needs as soon as the  relief services are delivered.

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