June 5, 2016

SARC Keeps on Trainings on First Aid Principles Addressed to Local Community

Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent today concluded  4 day course on first aid principles (18 training hours). The course was held by the first aid committee for 24 employees (guards) at UN center in Aleppo. It included subjects regarding first aid such as bleedings, fractures, and wounds. Practical exercises were conducted on transporting  injuries and flawlessly carrying out first aid. This training falls under a series of trainings held by SARC – Aleppo to spread first aid culture among the local community, which is considered the first responder to emergency cases.  

Concluding psychosocial support team’s activities with football Matches

In cooperation with Danish Red Cross, SARC-Homs psychosocial support team concluded its project in Asheera and Baba Amr  areas  by holding a football match for 40 children. At the end, the team awarded the winner team by cup championship and honored the participants. After that, through peer-to-peer support activities, 50 volunteers of two teams of SARC-Homs disaster management committee played a football match in order to entertain themselves and to alleviate the pressure of work.  

The Social Care Center provides the blind with humanitarian services

Through the raising awareness program of psychosocial support section of SARC-Homs Social Care Center Akrama point, the Social Care Center provided the blind who fled Palmyra with needed services. The psychosocial support team held sessions about raising awareness to watch their cases. Through the center, one blind lady expressed her readiness to help in its educational program using her tools.  

Open day for children in Ashera

As it is the end of the school, SARC-Homs psychosocial support team organized an open recreational day, which included collective and kinetic competitive activities, for 450 children in Ashera area. The team also shared in delivering them the final grades and gifts of the end of the school year. It is worth mentioning that the team’s activities were held through the joint project between SARC and Danish Red Cross.    

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