June 2, 2016

An introductory workshop for “Together for a Better School Environment” campaign

Health Promotion team of SARC-Homs held a workshop for 14 health promotion volunteers in order to train them and improve their capacity to carry out “Together for a Better School Environment” campaign, which targeted more than 3000 beneficiaries in Homs. During the workshop, the team unified the practical materials related to water and sanitation diseases and discussed the ways of delivering information to school students. It worth mentioning that health promotion team’s project is a joint one between SARC and UNICEF ‬.  

SARC-Homs Launches children’s awareness Campaign on sexual harassment

Continuing the series of educational themes that are provided by health awareness team of SARC-Homs and as it is the end of school year, the team held “You Own your Body” campaign for 698 children, aged (6, 11). The health awareness team aimed at raise children’s awareness about sexual harassment and teaching them how to defend themselves. It is worth mentioning that 10567 people benefited from the activities of the reproductive health project, supported by UNFPA, during April, through the fixed clinics and mobile teams.  

Distributing Relief Aids in Villages of Afrin

SARC – sub-branch in Afrin distributes relief aids to the affected and in need through its teams of volunteers. The last distribution involved 1490 families in Al-Ashrafiya, Al-Mahmodiya, Al-Zebdiya, Tranda, Quibar, Jomaka, Sateer and Jobaq.

Delivering relief aid convoy to Talbisah and visiting Dar AlSa’ada for elderly

SARC-Homs delivered the second stage of humanitarian aids “food and non-food items” to Talbisah on Monday 2nd of May. Further, ‪‎SARC-‎Homs‬ paid a field visit to Dar AlSa’ada (Happiness House) of the elderly and assessed the basic needs of 190 elderly. It is worth mentioning that the second stage consisted of 19 trucks supported by ‎IFRC‬, ‪‎ICRC‬ and ‎UNICEF‬.  

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