May 2016

Re-irrigate the dry agricultural lands in Maloula

People in Maloula area depends on agricultural works as  livelihood, so water and sanitation team in SARC’s Rural Damascus Branch went to Maloula to check the situation and work on securing the families’ needs and the irrigation water system there. On Thursday 28/4/2016,the team revisited the area along with a delegation from International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC) and members from the Ministry of Environment. This visit was aimed to study the irrigation systems and the possibility of supplying them with new networks and equipping wells they specialize in agriculture and evaluation the solar panels to feed the wells. These activities are… Read More »

Psychosocial Support Sessions for Women in Saif Al-Dawla Relief Center

Mobile psychosocial support teams (SARC – the Danish project) keeps providing their services to all community segments, especially women. Volunteers have lately met with women of Saif Al-Dawla neighborhood at Saif Al-Dawla – Al-Ethaa relief center in a morning gathering. They gave them advice on children welfare as the activity aimed to support children by educating mothers and raising their awareness. The center receives 40 women per week.

Humanitarian Relief Aid Reached Qudsaya and Al-Hammeh in Rural Damascus

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent (SARC) in cooperation with the UN Offices and the Higher Relief Committee delivered humanitarian relief aid convoy (56 trucks) to Qudsaya and Al-Hammeh Areas in Rural Damascus on 22/05/2016. The relief aid to Qudsaya consisted of food and non-food items like food parcels, flour, education sets, nutrients items for children and mediciines; while the relief aid to Al-Hammeh consisted of medicines and medical items.

“Analyzing & Data Charts- Feedback & Discussion” Workshop

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent(SARC) Organization in cooperation with International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC) launched a workshop under the title “Analyzing & Data Charts- Feedback & Discussion” on 18-20/05/2016. The workshop which brought 20 information management coordinators together from all SARC branches was aimed to develop the technical knowledge and the practical experiences and the active communication between IM coordinators and projects managers in SARC. This also will empower them to provide accurate monthly reports in time about the activities and services provided by the organization.

SARC – Aleppo Health Care Team Delivers Medical Supplies to Rural Aleppo

‪SARC‬ – Aleppo delivered 1000 dialysis sessions and 3 kits of chronic medicines (can provide treatments for 15000 patients) to SARC dispensaries at Aleppo countryside, that are supported by ‪‎ICRC‬. (SARC health care team in coordination with ICRC Health department) SARC- Aleppo also delivered mobility aids (wheelchairs – crutches – walkers) to SARC centers in western and northwestern rural ‪Aleppo‬.

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