October 2015

SARC-Homs Operational Update- August 2015

SARC-Homs Operational Update- August 2015 Headlines: First aid squads responded to 1000 cases. Qualifying more than 100 volunteers. 14718 people benefited from health services. Hygiene promotion team held summer club for Tal-Alshoor children. Relief teams deliver relief items to Mahin area. Ladies’ Committee continues improving livelihood projects. 76308 children benefited from the Child Friendly Spaces project. Relief operations: SARC-Homs relief teams provided 1782 IDP, who fled Al-Qaryateen and Hawareen, with relief aids. Through several stages of relief convoys, relief teams delivered food items to Mahin, in the eastern countryside,. According to registration records, more than 745000 people benefited from relief… Read More »

Delivering Medications and Mobility Aids to Anadan

Volunteers of SARC – Aleppo field intervention team  delivered 20 mobility aids items  (wheelchairs) were supported by the International Organization for Migration (IOM) were delivered through the Humanitarian Corridor (Bustan Al-Qasr – Al-Masharqa). Volunteers also delivered a range of chronic medications enough for 11099 patients. Medications were supported by the World Health Organization (WHO) and will be also delivered to SARC point in Anadan.

Continuing Awareness Activities of Global Handwashing Day

SARC – Aleppo hygiene promotion team in cooperation with the PSS team of the Counseling Center (SARC – UNICEF) continue holding awareness activities of Global Handwashing Day. The teams held such activities in Qutaiba Bin Muslim Al-Bahili and Mohammad Azzam Schools, which are in New Aleppo Area. The activity aimed to show children the proper ways of washing hands and to highlight the importance of regular hand washing to protect them from contagious diseases. This was followed by distributing soap bars to children to encourage them do what they had learned. Total number of beneficiaries is 2016 children aged 6 to 12… Read More »

3600 Dialysis Sessions in the Third Quarter of 2015

In the third quarter of 2015, Aleppo branch of the SARC delivered: 3600 hemodialysis sessions 2 hemodialysis machines 1 desalination station To different parts of Aleppo governorate in cooperation with partners ICRC: 1200 dialysis sessions + a desalination station were delivered to eastern parts of Aleppo city and eastern Aleppo countryside 1200 dialysis sessions were delivered to the General Assembly of Ibn Rochd Hospital WHO: 1200 dialysis sessions + 2 dialysis machines were delivered to hemodialysis centers in Aleppo countryside

Constant Services on Improving Conditions for Affected Families

SARC – Aleppo sheltering team  supported by ICRC started constructing rooms in Al-Anshita School’s theater. 40 walls of 38 rooms was complete. Therefor, in this stage, 38 families including 196 persons benefited from the done work. The next step will involve constructing roofs, then moving to class rooms in order to provide insulation and privacy for residing families  there. It is noteworthy that the total number of families sheltering in this school and to be benefited from improving living conditions is 143 including 730 individuals.

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