August 2015

A Letter of Love

SARC –Aleppo Counseling Center for PSS held an activity on the occasion of Feast Holiday under the title “A Letter of Love”. It is one of the activities that help  people with special needs express their own love feelings to  their families and friends. Special needs’ activities are used to be combined with a study and assessment process to their conditions in order to figure out  the resulting impacts.  

Completing maintenance works of water and sanitation

facilities within units of the University Camp In cooperation with ICRC, Water and Sanitation team  of SARC – Aleppo branch  maintained  sanitation facilities in Al-Jamiah Camp. The maintenance works covered all units in the camp, and included replacing sinks and valves, repairing siphons, replacing filters, installing showers and repairing all damaged sewage pipelines in bathrooms.

Sheltering Upgrade project in the industrial city of Hesya is Concluded

As soon as SARC-Homs sheltering team concluded its project in providing and installing sheltering kits in Hesya Industrial City, SARC Water and Sanitation started their work. They  managed to install  water and sanitation utilities to the mentioned shelters. It is worth mentioning that the project, which is supported by PU  Organization covered 146 location with beneficiaries reached to 431 families,

Providing Safe Front-line Crossing for Humanitarian Cases

SARC field intervention team of Aleppo branch continues on providing safe front-line crossing for humanitarian cases across the humanitarian corridor (Bustan Al-Kaser and Al-MasharKa). They provided yesterday a safe crossing for 15 humanitarian cases; 4 of which received the medical care and 11 cases has been enabled to cross to get the appropriate treatment.

Course in the principles of first aid

The First Aid Committee of Syrian Arab Red -Rural Damascus branch  fulfilled a training course in principles of the first aid. The three day course started on Aug 14th and targeted 30 volunteers. The course aimed to provide first aid principles and practical training to the attendants

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