July 2015

Eid with You

As to share children with holiday’s joy, the mobile teams of the Counseling Center for PSS (SARC – UNICEF) held an activity for them in several sheltering centers. The number of beneficiaries  reached 460 children in Al-Masharqa, al-Zahraa and New Aleppo sheltering centers. Volunteers played with children  kinetic games and distributed gifts to them afterwards.

Eid’s Crescent

The psycho-social support mobile teams of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent- Aleppo  branch took the chance of Eid Al-Fitr holyday  and launched many activities for 361 children. The activities, which are supported by the Danish Red Cross, targeted children in sheltering centers of ( al-Anshita, Islamic Mabarah, Sports Institute and Seif Al-Dawla committee). SARC team played with the children,  sang Eid songs and presented them with gifts at the end of the activities.    

A delegation from ICRC Healthcare department with SARC Homs mobile health units team on a mission to Al Jadida Alsharkya

A delegation from the International Committee of the Red Cross visited Healthcare department in SARC Homs branch. The delegation accompanied mobile health units team on a mission to Al Jadida Alsharquia on Monday, May 22nd 2015  to watch closely the work and services provided by the team, and to make sure that all beneficiaries’ needs are satisfied  in the rural areas. Health care teams continue their missions in the city and countryside. The mobile health units (internal, pediatric, and gynecological) covered 21 areas in Homs, and treated 3754 cases. The doctors detected symptoms of children malnutrition, and tonsillitis in the internal and pediatric clinics. In… Read More »

Installing 91 Tanks in Aleppo

Aleppo branch of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent continues responding to Aleppo’s water crisis. SARC – Aleppo water and sanitation team and in cooperation with ICRC has delivered and installed 91 tanks during the last week. Tanks, which varied from plastic to bladder and metal, were installed in 59 different points throughout Aleppo city.    

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