June 28, 2015

Delivering a Range of Medications to Several Parts of Aleppo

Health care and field intervention teams of ‪‎SARC – ‪‎Aleppo branch managed to deliver three kits of chronic cardiac, respiratory and antidiarrheal ‪#‎medications through the ‪‎Humanitarian Corridor (Bustan al-Qasr – al-Masharqa). Delivered kits, which were supported by WHO, were delivered to dispensaries in al-Hidariya, Hanano and al-Ashrafiya areas. Those medications will help satisfy needs for health care to the most vulnerable groups. In the same time, SARC – Aleppo medical logistics team responded to the urgent needs of General Authority of ‪‎Neurology Hospital (Ibn Rochd) and provided a collection of kidney failure medications. Provided medications contained heparin, halothane, isoflurane and hydrocortisone. It will… Read More »

‪‎Delivering Generators to Secure Pumping of Safe Water

SARC – ‪‎Aleppo field intervention and water and sanitation teams managed to deliver 8 electricity generators through frontlines (Aleppo – Damascus International Highway). ‪‎ICRC supported the eight generators. Four of which were delivered to pumping centers of economic units in western Aleppo countryside, while the other four were delivered to eastern Aleppo parts to be used in pumping water from central wells.

Securing Health Care is a Priority

With an aim to secure health care services to all people in need, different teams at ‪‎Aleppo branch of the ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent work on providing medicines throughout Aleppo. During the last week, ‪SARC – Aleppo health care and medical logistics teams provided chronic ‪‎medicines to al-Bassel Hospital for Cardiology, Aleppo University Hospital, Doctors Syndicate as well as supporting Palestinian Red Crescent Society’s medical points, Protestant Church, Demetrios Dispensary, Aleppo Governorate’s Police Command and Orphans Endorsement with necessary medications. Health care and field intervention team also managed to deliver six medical kits of chronic medicines (heart failure, renal failure… Read More »

IHL Workshop for Specialists

International Humanitarian Law Committee in ‪‎Aleppo branch of the ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent held a workshop on ‪‎IHL and its  implementations. The workshop targeted IHL committee’s specialized members and dealt with concepts of IHL in a legal point of view and in Islamic sharia as well as mechanisms of implementing and spreading IHL articles of the RCRC Movement and International Criminal Court. Meetings to discuss setting up mechanisms to apply in order to spread out IHL and RCRC Movement’s principles will be carried out following the workshop.

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