June 2015

Sewer Pipelines project is Concluded in Homs eastern countryside.

SARC-Homs water and sanitation team carried out the project of restoring sewage lines in Alrastan. The team replaced 200 meters of damaged sewage lines with new ones. Then it provided families’ houses with sewage lines directly. In addition, the team finished installing 6 sewage lines and restored some ones after stopping. It is worth mentioning that 1300 people benefited from this project that lasted for 40 days. This project was provided by ICRC.

Raising Awareness about Leishmaniasis

As summer temperatures score high and rubbish accumulated in some areas, insects are to spread heavily causing a rise in leishmaniasis cases. Therefore, SARC –Aleppo hygiene promotion team responded to by launching raise awareness sessions in al-Hamdaniya area. This intervention involved on leishmaniasis means of transmission, symptoms treatment and prophylaxis as well as distributing mosquito nets, which are supported by ICRC. It is worth mentioning that hygiene promotion programs are carried out with in cooperation UNICEF.  

Collective kitchens and meals for 79000 Beneficiary

On the beginning of Ramadan, ‪‎Aleppo branch of the ‪‎Syrian Arab Red Crescent set up two collective kitchens in al-Sefira and Jibrin in eastern Aleppo countryside with support by the International Committee of Red Cross (ICRC). The ‪‎ICRC provided the needed foodstuff to cook meals for approximately 14000 persons in the mentioned two cities. Furthermore, ‪‎SARC – Aleppo branch  continues preparing meals in five collective kitchen throughout Aleppo city. Those kitchens are also supported by ICRC and provide meals for about 65000 family all over Aleppo city daily.  

Delivering Humanitarian Aids Convoys to the Affected

During the last two weeks of June 2015, Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams continued delivering and distributing humanitarian aids to the affected people all over Aleppo governorate. Distributed aids included 185 trucks, 50 of which got unloaded at SARC warehouse in Abi Hanifa Mosque and delivered to relief committees to be distributed to the affected people in western neighborhoods of Aleppo city. A convoy of 42 trucks was escorted for a safer access through front-lines (Aleppo – Damascus International Highway) after coordinating with all parties on ground to reach SARC warehouse in Jisr al-Haj in eastern parts of Aleppo, as… Read More »

Delivering a Range of Medications to Several Parts of Aleppo

Health care and field intervention teams of ‪‎SARC – ‪‎Aleppo branch managed to deliver three kits of chronic cardiac, respiratory and antidiarrheal ‪#‎medications through the ‪‎Humanitarian Corridor (Bustan al-Qasr – al-Masharqa). Delivered kits, which were supported by WHO, were delivered to dispensaries in al-Hidariya, Hanano and al-Ashrafiya areas. Those medications will help satisfy needs for health care to the most vulnerable groups. In the same time, SARC – Aleppo medical logistics team responded to the urgent needs of General Authority of ‪‎Neurology Hospital (Ibn Rochd) and provided a collection of kidney failure medications. Provided medications contained heparin, halothane, isoflurane and hydrocortisone. It will… Read More »

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