May 31, 2015

Crossing Front-lines to Reach Sulaiman al-Halabi Station

‪‎SARC – ‪‎Aleppo water and sanitation team along with field intervention team escorted water and electricity maintenance workers through front-lines in order to deliver a 400-KW Helmke engine to the second sterilization station in Suleiman al-Halabi area. This engine was repaired by ‪‎ICRC in the framework of the SARC – ICRC ‪‎water joint project.  

Great efforts and Intensive humanitarian work

SARC- Jarmmana- sub-branch was and still one  of the best Sub-Branches regarding the voluntary work and commitment to the principles. The sub branch is shouldering heavy tasks to deliver as they register 60 family (affected and displaced) daily; in addition, in addition to the newly displaced one. Regarding the relief items distribution, they support 700-800 family per day via the distribution point. Moreover, the point distribute a full emergency package for the newly displaced families in order to alleviate their sufferings.  

Educating Games to Children with Cancer

In order to support  children with the  opportunity to raise their knowledge since  sickness obliged them to leave school, field PSS team of (SARC – UNICEF) PSS joint project applied several educating games to children in pediatric department at Aleppo University Hospital. The activity also included distributing cognitive toys to children according to their age and abilities.

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