April 26, 2015

Together for a better school environment

In cooperation with Homs Health Directorate , SARC’s Homs Branch- hygiene promotion team carried out a campaign with slogan “Together for a better school environment. ” It targeted 12574 primary school students in the schools of “Al Eddikhar, Al Madinah Al Jamieya, Kharm Al Shami, Maskhana and Khafar Aya.” The campaign dealt with the general hygiene behaviors according to the age group, primarily with the lice contagion and how to avoid it, the teeth care and other issues. It also shed light to the importance of the protection and with improving the immunity starting with washing hands properly and then how to use the… Read More »

Training courses for Talbisah sub branch volunteers

SARC Homs – Talbisah sub branch activated a center of training and raising qualification in order to improve the volunteers’ skills in aspects of registering and  data entry. That course was based on a plan that defined 2015 courses. The first course, ICDL, was attended by 9 volunteers for three months.

Yes, she was Named Mariam

A baby girl of just two months old was found near a doctor clinic in Nahr Eisheh area. The baby was found by SARC’s volunteer from Rural Damascus branch. The volunteer instantly called the “child protection department” . The baby was named Mariam, and she is now in safe hands at the special babies care house.  

Mobile Health Unit in Quneitra

Syrian Arab Red Crescent-  Quneitra Branch Mobile Health Unit  provides people with health services in different places in Syria, where the MHU team contains: a doctor, a nurse and two SARC’s volunteers. The clinic works on seeing patients and provide them medicines. MHU in Quneitra covers more than eight shelters and residential areas in (Khan Arnabe, Jeba, Al Koom, and AlBaath City), it reaches more than 1100 person  with free prescriptions on monthly basis.

Electricity Generator’s Delivery for Continuity of Pumping Water

To maintain continuity of supplying safe water to the affected throughout Aleppo city, SARC –Aleppo succeeded in delivering two electricity generators to eastern Aleppo neighborhoods. This was carried out after the Urgent Public Issues Committee and International Committee of Red Cross had coordinated with all parties on ground. Generators were supplied by ICRC and delivered through Aleppo – Damascus International Highway. They will help insure continuity of pumping water to AlHelluk and Dohret Awwad. Generators delivery was  accompanied with delivering special supplies to SARC’s dispensaries in western and northern Aleppo as well as delivering a batch of medicines. Delivered medications… Read More »

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