April 15, 2015

Foodstuff is delivered via Damascus – Aleppo International Highway

SARC – ICRC joint team escorted 15 trucks loaded with foodstuffs through Aleppo – Damascus International Highway. The Foodstuffs were supported by the International Committee of the Red Cross to be cooked at SARC’s collective kitchens in Aurem AlKubra, Effrin and Eastern Aleppo neighborhoods. This will provide meals to affected people in mentioned areas. date: April,15th, 2015

Al Ghota families resort to Al Wafedeen camp

Due to the current strained circumstances in Al-Ghota Al-Sharqeeh, about 87 families resorted to AlBooteha shelter in Al Wafeeden camp through March 2015. Syrian Arab Red Crescent teams in Al Boteha sub-branch responded to those families that reached to 485 persons. SARC teams distributed food and nonfood materials contained (scrubs, blankets, health materials, women’s towels, children’s towels, kits parcels). The team also drove up 10 persons to Al Wafedeen clinic to receive treatment there.    

Operational Update – Hama Branch February 2015

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Hama branch carried out various activities and services on February 2015. However, the most prominant services were entering the city of Kirnaz and providing water supply to operate the waterwheel of Maardes area. Relief The Registration team registered full data for 454 affected and displaced people, while the assessment team processed  needs’ evaluations of 450  affected and displaced families both in sheltering centers and houses. The distribution team transported 57707 food parcels with beneficiaries of 247234 persons, 6617 parcels of food-conserved cans that benefited 34462 and 13783 flour bag that benefited 52176 persons. Regarding the relief items, the… Read More »

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