March 23, 2015

SARC – Aleppo Winning the Spirit of Humanity Photography Contest

The communication department  in SARC’s- Aleppo branch  won the first place in the “Spirit of Humanity” photography contest at the World Humanitarian Summit. The winning photo was taken by SARC’s volunteer Islam Mardini and was submitted in the contest under the title “Heavenly Space of Humanity”. The following narration clarify the setting of the won photo:  Once upon a rainy day, SARC’s volunteers rushed out on a mission delivering wheelchairs and mobility aids to needy people in eastern Aleppo. Volunteers usually cross rough roads passing the humanitarian crossing point. However, the heavy rain made them even rougher. As volunteers reached front-lines, the rain ceased… Read More »

Fitting Hearing Aids for Children with Hearing Impairment

Samir H., eleven years old, and his sister, Bayan, fifteen years old, suffered from 95% hearing loss that made them almost deaf and unable to interact with their surroundings. Samir and Bayan are examples of the five other similar cases that Syrian Arab Red Crescent –  Aleppo branch with support from International Organization for Migration (IOM) provided and fit hearing aids to them so they can live normal lives.

Red Cross Red Crescent on Evaluation Mission in Quneitra

The Syria Arab Red Crescen Al-Qunetira Branch received a delegation from the   International Committee of the Red Cross on 17th  March 2015. The visit is aimed to evaluate the situation in the area. Therefore, the relief team carried out a comprehensive evaluation for the affected people and their needs. In the same time, the water and sanitation team accompanied the Water Institution engineers on their evaluation visit to Khan Arnabeh and Al-Koum area, where they monitor and estimate the capacity of the water pumps and wells that should cover all residents and displaced people there. The ICRC supports the project… Read More »

“Parenting Skills Development” Training Workshop

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – ‪‎Aleppo branch’s Counseling Center for ‎Psycho-social Support held five day training workshop on in order to build up assistant facilitators to support  the Parenting Skills Development sessions. This workshop is aimed to rehabilitate ‪‎volunteers who can provide psycho-social support to affected mothers in shelters on how to deal with children in the ongoing circumstances, how to relief the pressure they feel. The workshop  included many subjects that involve the  relation between the mother and her  child, playing, watching TV, boosting child’s confidence,  anger control  guidance, help children express their feelings as well as giving instructions on how to communicate with teachers.

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