March 1, 2015

SARC Sets up Potable Water

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo Branch exerts more efforts in providing safe water to the affected people in different areas. In this context,  the Water team installed 45000 liter-capacity Oxfam tank in Al-Athamiya.  It is noteworthy that these tanks, which are provided by the UNICEF, will provide clean water to about 4000 beneficiaries.

Kinetic Games’ Workshop to Develop Volunteers’ Skills

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent  Counseling Center (Child Friendly Space) Psycho-social Support Project held a “Kinetic Games” workshop to 50 volunteers in the center. This workshop offered a set of games to be held for children by mobile teams’ volunteers. Such workshops fall within the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – United Nations Children’s Fund Psycho-social Support joint team and aims to train volunteers and develop their skills on dealing with children since children are  the main targeted group by Psycho-social Support joint project.

“Hygiene Promotion” Campaign is launched

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent launched the “Hygiene Promotion” campaign in Al-Qamishli city on Feb 26th 2015. The campaign, which comes under a mutual collaboration with the UNICEF, is planned to go all over the country. The SARC’s hygiene teams started the campaign in Manahel Al-Birr School in Al-Qamishli with beneficiaries of 650 child. The teams carried out educational and entertaining activities that include issues of hand washing and the way to avoid lice infection. The activities contained story narrations, play shows and distribution of soap and lice shampoo kits. It is noteworthy that the mentioned campaign involved another essential… Read More »

Providing a Generator to a Water Pumping Center

Water joint team of the Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Aleppo branch and International Committee of Red Cross provided a generator to water supply center in Old Syriacs area. Water joint team installed the generator and provided a metal cage for protection. The team  also works on providing similar generators to  water supply centers all over the city to secure garanteed access to drinkable water.

Installing Tanks and Taps in Aqyol-Aleppo

The Syrian Arab Red Crescent – ‪Aleppo‬ branch installed and attached water ‪‎tanks to a ‪‎well in Osama Bin Zaid Mosque, ‪‎Aqyol‬ town in Aleppo ‪‎eastern areas . The water teams- support by  the International Committee of the Red Cross- carried out the mentioned mission. They also fixed ‪‎taps so people can optimally benefit from tanks. Such missions are ongoing in several areas of Aleppo city as part of the urgent response plan to water shortage.  

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