13 years of voluntarism is merely a start!

43-year-old Tawfik says: “13 years and it still feels like I started yesterday”
Tawfik has been a volunteer in SARC since 2005, his journey involved several stages, of which the first was working as an  ambulance driver and soon he was eager to join the first- aid- team and so he took a training in the principles of first aid and started his duties as a paramedic in addition to his first job as a driver.
Tawfik is a father of 4 children which is definitely not an easy thing but since he’s also involved in the humanitarian work that makes his day much longer as if it was 100 hours not just 24 to accomplish all these duties and reconcile between all these responsibilities, ” I haven’t had any free time in so long but I still play with my kids” He Said.

Tawfik was working during the response to the needs of Lebanese and Iraqi refugees, who came to #Syria, “but when the affected people are from your own country that puts a lot of stress and emotional pressure on you as a volunteer”. He can never forget what it felt like the first time he entered his hometown, Erbeen, with SARC aid convey and saw his house destroyed. He describes these moments: “I felt as if my heart was ripped out of my chest! The only thing that helped me stay calm and got me through that loss was working in humanitarian field and feeling of accomplishment, today I am here safe and sound, and able to give my best efforts and energy. And as you sow, so will you reap”

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