Following-up visit to the needs of the SARC’s dispensary in Dwailaa

الفريق أثناء توجهه الى المستوصف الفريق أثناء توجهه الى المستوصف

الفريق أثناء توجهه الى المستوصف

A team of delegates from the Swedish Red Cross, Danish Red Cross and the IFRC’s Health delegate in Syria paid a visit to the Syrian Arab Red Crescent dispensary in Dwailaain order follow up and recognize the supplies needed for this dispensary.

The dispensary Manger, Dr. Nour Huda Sbenati, briefed the team about the whole dispensary’s departments: waiting room, reception offices (in which patients take an identification card to fulfill with personal information), the accounting department.

The team also had a tour to all clinics with following specialties:

Endocrinology clinic, Gynecology clinic, Ophthalmology clinic, Dermatologyclinic, Diabetic clinic, Chronic Diseases and Pediatric clinic, in addition to psychological clinic.

Alaboratory is able toperform allthe preliminarytestsandpharmacy where patients can receive their medicines.

The dispensary manager emphasized on the importance of the existence of this dispensary and insisted on the needed support with supplies, tools, medical equipments and medications. This dispensary is an importantpoint for patients of this area, in whichdoctorsdiagnosealldiseases, perform allthe tests and provide patients with medicine needed for free.

For more information:

Syrian Arab Red Crescent – Dwailaa _ Tel: 011-472 5285

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