A Word from the Syrian Arab Red Crescent President Dr. Abdul Rahman Attar

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I am proud to be a member in the Syrian Arab Red Crescent for more than 35 years, and highly appreciate the founders who were physicians, businessmen, lawyers, and others, who dedicated their best to the benefits of SARC in keeping the humanitarian principles launched by Henry Dunant, the founder of the Red Cross Red Crescent movement.

SARC played a prominent and essential role in response to the prevailing humanitarian situation in Syria during the past four years; SARC provided support in emergency first aid, disaster management, water and sanitation, psycho-social support and training; SARC delivered health relief items and humanitarian aid to all over Syria.  And also we should remember SARC support to Iraqis, Lebanese and Palestinians present in Syria during crisis in their homelands.

I stress here to mention SARC volunteers who face all kinds of danger, take the responsibility and give hope and calmness to vulnerable in compliance with neutrality and humanitarian principles irrespective of any other consideration. We say to them THANK YOU, for their noble principles and humanitarian work. All Syrians are proud of them as they reflect authenticity, genuineness and awareness of Syrian youth.

Finally I would like to stress on the important cooperation. SARC is having for providing activities and services with ICRC, IFRC, other Red Cross societies, NGOs, INGOs, UN offices in Syria as well as with partners from international organizations.

 Dr. Abdul-Rahman Attar

Syrian Arab Red Crescent President


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