Warm reunion reveals the agony of absence

Elaf (means affinity) restored the deep meaning of her name as she reunited with her family
Only a heart-warming family cuddle could express a yearning that was too deep to be uttered in words.
At Kassab border point, in Lattakia, waiting-time was over and the dream came true because SARC and ICRC managed to fulfill a humanitarian mission under Restoring Family Link Program.
On the reunion day- Wednesday, Nov 21, 2018- The whole family of Elaf stood together waiting for her arrival. Her father has just hoped her to return in a healthy state, while her siblings kept mentioning her name at every chat to feel her among them. Her mother got up early and consumed hours of waiting in cooking favorite plate for the missed daughter. The facial features of the 50-year-old mother reveal the pain of being separated from her child, her tears reflect a grief that surprisingly turned into happiness once she embraced her daughter. Waiting for two years is difficult, but the last few hours preceded the reunion were the longest in her life.
Elaf (16 years) suffered a loss of connection and a separation from her family due to an explosion that took place in Al-Rashideen in Aleppo. That horrific incident caused Elaf and her mother huge injury at their faces. Elaf had also injuries in her shoulder and thigh. After one month of the incident, her mother knew that Elaf is in Turkey, but had no means to reach her or bring her back. One day, the mother heard the story of Rida, the little child who missed in the same incident and reunited with his family last year, and hurried up to apply a reunion request. In the meantime, Elaf was sure that she would back home one day in order to take care of her grandmother and teach her siblings as before. She has always dreamt to be a teacher.
On their way back home, Elaf told her mother that she saw her many times in her dreams. The mother said that she couldn’t sleep before having a look at the photo of Elaf. Today, Elaf will sleep in the warmth of her mother’s lap.

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