Upgrading Telecommunications System in SARC, Hama Branch

The Syrian Arab Red Crescnet Telecom team with a support by the ICRC has finished working on upgrading SARC’s, Hama branch, Telecommunications system. A 15-meter aerial tower installed and three VHF stations were added to the branch’s vehicles.

Eng. Abdullah Al-Bunni, Telecommunications coordinator in Damascus headquarter pointed out that the aerial tower was executed with the expertise of the Telecommunications team in the SARC HQ with the help of the volunteers in Hama branch. He added saying that “The project was executed in a short time and it should increase the signal coverage area to include the rural areas. Moreover, an HF station will be added in order to communicate with the central operation room in Damascus and a VHF station in the 3 sub-branches in Hama will be added. Volunteers will be trained on using wireless communication correctly by helding a workshop in the branch.”

Mr. Mazen makkiyeh, director of SARC, Hama branch, also adds “the upgrading comes as a result of the branch’s intervention expansion in the fields of first aid and disaster management. Hence, means of communication between the teams and the branch have become a necessity in order to ensure the progress of operations safely and securely.”

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