Um Waleed will be always remembered for her spirit of giving

You just need to cast a small eye to Um Waleed (70 y) to recognize the amount of misery she has suffered and the amount of giving she has provided as well throughout her life. The misery is quite clear with her heavy footsteps and the traces of the wool threads that seem mingled with her hand’s lines, while giving is evidenced by the sum of money she slipped in the donation box allocated by SARC’s Swaida branch to help people in need.

The great woman has dedicated her whole life for her 7 children and for people in need also. She has worked hard in wool weaving and knitting to support her family without forgetting to cut and give some of her income to those in need.

The old woman dumped her tired body on a chair at SARC center in Swaida branch and took a sigh of reliving after donating for the repose of her soul even before leaving this world. She believes that death will take her body away, but charity will keep her good memorial immortal.

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