Um Raghad is an example of determined and patient women

In Al-Mshairfeh village in Rural Jableh, Um Raghad (32 y), lives with her six daughters -four of them are handicapped. Her husband passed away a few years ago leaving the family under difficult living conditions. The mother patiently looks after the girls and dedicate huge efforts to have them straight-A students at their school. The mother welcomed SARC volunteers with an unexpected warm smile at her small house, with a balcony viewing to the mountain, where she can have some rest.
Welcoming SARC’s Hygiene promotion volunteers, she insisted to serve them some hot tea. “For your visit warms my heart, you have to stay for some hot tea in this cold weather,” she said gratefully. This family is an example of many families supported by SARC with hygiene kits, kitchen kits, blankets and hygiene kits for people with special needs.

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