Ten Operating Mobile Clinics in Aleppo

Barakat, 15 y, suffered from travelling long distances from Tal Qrah Camp to Aleppo city in order to get proper needed treatment and medicine in a hospital there. The young man got injured when fleeing Afrin with his family. The injury left him with damaged legs and in need of medications and painkillers.
Now, as SARC – Aleppo mobile clinics regularly visit his temporary residence, Barakat no longer needs to travel to get medical management.
A total of 10 mobile clinics of different specialties (internal, pediatric and ophthalmologic medicine) provide medical services to needy people in different areas in Aleppo city and countryside, such as Aurem, Tal Refaat, Nubol, Dair Hafer and Al-Atareb. Those clinics work daily to provide free medical examination and medications to all age groups.

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